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With a growing appreciation for minimalism, or making room for important things, we take this approach in what we do. And the important things for us can be summed up in our 4R Philosophy. These are the four things we see as indispensable in business and life. Click the titles to read more on each.


No.1 - Relationship →

This is our top priority. Not how much money we make or even how much we know, but who we know. Whether it's our faith, our family, or our friendships, it's all about 'getting to know' and 'becoming known.' Every project and partnership begins with this–and it's what we value most.

No.2 - Resource →

This is only secondary to the previous and may seem more obvious. It's food, clothing, shelter, pay day and even marketing budgets. It's all the basic things we need to operate. We value this for our own company and homes, as much as we do for your brand (your success is ours).

No.3 - Rest →

In the same way we need to rest at night when our day is done, we embrace that we naturally need healthy rhythms of rest in everything we do. Music isn't all the notes that can be crammed into a measure, but the space created in between.

No.4 - Reflection →

After all is said and done, we also value taking a look back. This allows us to move forward with all the more intentionality and excellence. Would you drive your car without a rear view mirror in the dashboard? (an analogy also useful for the proportion in which we value reflection)