White Sneakers: Spring/Summer 2015

"If you’re a certain kind of person (into ironing and Vitsœ) there’s nothing like the feeling of stepping out in a pair of sneakers as pure and white as the freshly driven snow. Granted, this is a fragile pleasure, and one easily corrupted. But what’s a twice-daily spritz of protector spray to that box-fresh feeling? Those in agreement with the above: here are your perfect shoes – minimal, impeccable, whiter than white. Yes, you will have to spot clean them constantly, yes you will have real, heartfelt disputes with your friends when they spill their pints on them, but yes, you are willing and able to go the distance. Their mysterious perma-cleanliness will make you a sensation and an enigma. And that’s the way you like it." –Mr. Porter

Yes Mr. Porter, that would be I. And with spring and summer in mind, here are a few personal white sneaker selections for that "Neat and Tidy" stylish gentleman in all of us. Don't feel obliged to wear white sneakers in the context you've always seen them. Feel free to experiment. Maybe get dressed as you normally would and then throw a pair of white sneakers on with them. It's sure to give a fresh, clean, modern look to any traditional or classic outfit. Enjoy everyone.


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