building a luxury brand



The task was to capture a luxury aestetic to match the luxury sound libraries offered by this fairly new launched boutique drum sample company. From initial conversations on the project, it was obvious that they were no ordinary drum sample company. Featuring the talents of iconic A-List drummers and producers such as: Paul Mabury, Aaron Sterling and Darren King (to name a few); they create high quality drum sample libraries for creative-minded artists, producers, beat-makers, and mixers. With it's new luxury visual aestetic, brand standards, and content; this brand has continually thrived.


"Mister Earl Grey completely nailed the creative direction we were aiming for. After working with André, it felt like we were a new company all over again, and for the past two years, we’ve performed like one—increasing our revenue by huge margins year over year."

–Kyle Hicks, THAT SOUND